Inside Cyfannedd Fach -
Accommodation and Facilities

The sitting/dining room at nightTraditional FurnitureThe cottage has been our family’s holiday retreat for some fifty-five years ever since our father rescued it from dereliction in the early Sixties. It contains everything required for a holiday except bed linen and towels. It has electricity, hot water, shower room, electric cooker, fridge, microwave, dishwasher and fuel for the log burning stove.

The accommodation comprises one very large room downstairs (about 18’ x 22’) serving as both sitting and dining room, with a magnificent fireplace to sit around, furnished with a log burning stove (with a good supply of logs). Adjoining this is is the kitchen and just off the entrance lobby is the cottage wet room with its shower and unlimited hot water, WC and washbasin. Up the somewhat narrow cottage staircase there is a double bedroom reached by walking through the first bedroom which contains two single beds. There are also two folding camp beds available and quantities of blankets and quilts. The cottage is filled with quantities of, we hope, interesting books and local guides, some jigsaw puzzles and other board games, a radio , a chess set, but NO television. Mobile phones can only be guaranteed to make contact if you walk up the slope behind the cottage – they sometimes work upstairs! Pets are always welcome.

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The main bedroom Traditional furniture The second bedroom